Company Policies


Cancellations Due to COVID19 (update 26 APR 2020)

  • Travel Guidance:  Alaska's Governor has started to re-open Alaska for business in a graduated (step-wise) manner. However, if you are unable to travel because you are unwell or are vulnerable or if travel restrictions are suddenly re-imposed, you will be provided a full refund.
  • Email Me for Your Refund:  Please send me an email to request your refund if you are unable to travel.  As a small business and the sole provider for my family, please give me as much advanced notice as possible for your cancellation so I can back-fill your cancellation with another person seeking a glacier tour. 
  • Refunds 7-14 Business Days:  Once your refund has been submitted by me, my merchant platform sends the money to the bank that owns your credit card immediately.  However, the banks tend to hold onto refund money for varying periods of time ranging from 5 - 14 days before posting the funds to your account. This time frame may vary from one financial institution to another (some credit card companies can take even longer).  As well, many banks are experiencing even slower processing times due to an unprecedented number of people cancelling summer travel plans. Please be patient. 
  • Contact Me With Questions:  Please text / email me with any questions on your refund status because I can check on the status of the funds transfer to provide you specifc dates when money was sent to your credit card / bank.


~~~~~~ Other Company Policies ~~~~~~


    • Weather in Alaska changes quickly so you need to come prepared.  It can be sunny one hour and then rain, snow, or be windy the next. 
    • Weather at the Matanuska Glacier is often very different from weather in surrounding towns (Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Sutton, etc.).  The glacier creates its own local micro-climate.  This means that the weather may be beautiful here at the glacier while it is raining elsewhere (such as in Anchorage, Palmer, etc).
      • Glacier View (the town where the glacier is located) is technically classified as a desert because historically it receives about 4 to 14 inches of rain (thus we tend to have nice weather here). 
    • If you decide to cancel your tour before you arrive to the Matanuska Glacier because the weather is poor at your location, then the refund policy stated above applies (no show, no refund).
    • If you arrived to the Matanuska Glacier on time and it is raining heavily, then we are glad to issue a refund if you do not want to join us on the ice tour.  However, you must be at the Matanuska Glacier on time to discuss the refund in-person.  
    • We want you to have a wonderful time on the glacier and are glad to refund you if the weather is too unpleasant to have fun. 

    Dressing for Cold Winter Weather:

    • Winter on the Matanuska Glacier can be cold.  You must arrive dressed correctly (see my "what to bring" list).
      • Incorrectly dressed guests will become too cold to complete the tour and will need to be evacuated from the glacier for their safety.  This interruption negatively impacts the tour for everyone else, thus I will not allow you on the ice if you are not dressed correctly.
      • WARNING: You must arrive dressed appropriately for your tour. Read my guidance outlining how to dress to make sure you arrive dressed correctly. If you pose a safety risk to yourself by arriving with improper clothing, you may be denied access to the glacier without refund.  

    Children, Elders, Mobility Limitations:

    • All Ages Welcome: We are proud to offer tours to families that include young and old members. Thus far our youngest guest was 6 months old and our oldest guest was 87 years old.  Everyone had a great time.
    • Tell Me About Young Children and Mobility Limitations:  We ask that you always let us know in advance (before you book your tour) if you have anyone in your group with mobility limitations (e.g., anyone who walks more slowly such as elders or young children). 
    • Small Children in Carriers:  If your group includes small children who do not walk (or who tire quickly), please be sure to bring a child carrier (back packs or front carriers specifically designed for carrying children). You will not be allowed to carry children in your arms on the glacier because this is unsafe.  We do not loan child carriers. 
    Follow All Instructions:
    • Following Instructions:  All members of your party must follow instructions of the tour guide during your tour.  These instructions are intended to keep you and other members of your group safe. If guests are unwilling to follow instructions, the guide reserves the right to end the tour early and escort those people off the ice (without refund) in order to ensure the safety of all members on the glacier.
    • Children Following Instructions:  All children brought on tour must follow the instructions of the tour guide at all times. If the parents and tour guide are unable to set conditions for children to behave responsibly by following the guide’s instructions, the guide reserves the right to end the tour early and escort the group off the ice (without refund) in order to ensure the safety of all members on the glacier.

    Medical Conditions:

    • You are responsible to notify me (prior to booking your tour) of any medical conditions you have that could impact your tour experience.  These conditions will not prevent you from joining my tours.  For example, conditions guests commonly make me aware of prior to booking a tour include:
      • hip replacements or knee replacements that may prevent you from sitting down or bending at steeper angles
      • diabetes (knowing this helps me watch for signs of low blood sugar hypoglycemia which can result if someone exercises harder than usual or skipped a meal)
      • asthma (for which you carry an inhaler)
      • allergies (for which you carry an EPI pen)  
      • other conditions...  The above list is not exhaustive. I ask that you advise me of anything I should know.   

    Liability Waiver:

    • Every adult attending the tour must sign a liability waiver when they arrive. If a guest is under 18, the Parent or Legal Guardian must include the name and age of the minor(s) on their form and sign liability for the minor(s). 

    We Are Small Family Owned Business:

    • Dr. Sarah’s Alaska Tours is a small family-owned business that serves as the income base for her family. 
    • Cancellations made without sufficient advanced notice prevents us from allowing other interested people to join the tour and thus represents a loss of income to our family.

    Policies Subject to Update / Change:

    • Company policies are subject to updates / change at any time.