Matanuska Glacier Tour


Join us for a tour of the Matanuska Glacier!  We will visit some of the most beautiful places on the glacier to explore the ice and discover the science underlying what you see. 


Standard Tour Costs:   $125 per person  

Standard Tour Times:  tours last 2-3 hours and start during the windows of time below:

  • Monday - Friday:  tours starting 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Saturday - Sunday:  tours starting 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
  • Custom Tours:  tours may be possible for times not listed above.  Contact us to discuss options.

Requesting a Tour:  If you would like to schedule a tour, send me an email or call/text 970-281-5266 with the details below:

  • Desired date and time
  • Number of people
  • Ages of children under 8
  • Mobility limitations of any members
  • Any other details 

Custom (non-standard) Tours:  Custom (private) tours are tailored to the requirements of the guest.  The cost may increase depending on the special requests (e.g., longer duration, etc).  In the past, guests have requested private tours for a variety of reasons, to include:

    • Private Family Tour: Often families want the comfort of a tour group solely dedicated to them (i.e., no other guests).  This allows the family to enjoy whatever pace and areas of exploration they desire.
    • Schools: School groups interested in a field class 
    • Photo or Film Shoots:  Guests from the music and film industry have requested private tours to explore the glacier with more privacy and special focus to support their film projects. We have supported several private tour requests to conduct photo shoots and film events on the glacier (this summer NBC hired us to spend an entire day filming a climate change documentary on the glacier).
    • Large Groups:  Large groups can be accommodated with advanced notice.  I will always be the tour guide on all tours.  For very large groups I will include the assistance of partnering glacier rangers to help ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests.


    Duration:  Standard tours usually last approximately 2-3 hours varying with the number of stops and pace of the group. Standard tours walk about 3 miles, but that length can be reduced (if you desire) to accommodate children or elders.  Longer "custom" tours can be arranged if desired.

    No Experience Needed: No experience is needed to join us on a glacier tour.  You will not be accessing any technical areas that require specialized gear or knowledge.  We provide all the equipment you need to walk on the ice.

    All Ages Welcome:  Our youngest guest was 6 months old and our oldest guest was 87 years old.  Everyone had a great time. If your group includes small children who do not walk, please be sure to bring backpacks designed for carrying children.  It is not safe to carry children in your arms on the glacier.  

    Meeting Location:  Tours meet in the parking lot of the Matanuska Glacier, outside the gate.  GPS address is:  66500 South Glacier Park Rd, Sutton, AK 99674 USA.

    Liability Waiver:  Every person attending the tour must sign a liability waiver.  If a guest is under 18, the Parent or Legal Guardian must sign for the minor.