Directions to Matanuska Glacier


Simple Directions

GPS Address:  type the below address into your GPS and follow the directions up the Glenn Highway:

  • 66500 South Glacier Park Rd, Sutton, AK 99674 USA


Detailed Directions

Milepost 102:  Travel along the Glenn Highway and be sure to observe the milepost signs which are little green signs posted along the highway with white numbers indicating the mile designation at that point of the highway. Be watchful for the "Milepost 102" sign which is where you turn off the highway for the Matanuska Glacier access. 


South Glacier Park Road:  Drive about 150 feet past the "Milepost 102" sign and turn off the Glenn Highway onto South Glacier Park Road.



Glacier Access:   Drive down the South Glacier Park Road following the "Glacier Access" signs indicating the way to the glacier.  This is a gravel road constructed along a hill-slope, so drive slowly.  You will drive down the hill and across the bridge to the parking lot where we will meet.


Gate at Matanuska Glacier Parking Lot:  After you drive across the bridge and continue a bit further, you will encounter a large parking lot just outside the gate to the Matanuska Glacier.  Park to the left of the gate and I will meet you there 15 minutes before our tour departure time to prepare for our tour discuss, any last minute details, and sign waivers before we go through the gate. If you arrive very early, the lodge to the right of the gate includes a gift shop with very nice Alaskan-made gift items, snacks, water, and bathrooms. Once paperwork is completed, we will pass through the gate and head out to the glacier.  


Contact Me:  contact me with any questions about meeting for your tour by sending me an email: and be sure your message includes your name, tour reservation (date/time), and a phone number where I can call you if needed.

Road Conditions:   The Alaska 511 site is a helpful webpage that lists known road delays across the entire state.  Consider checking it for bad road conditions during winter storms or planned construction during the summer.  Of course, not all road delays are going to be recorded on this site, so plan contingency in your arrivals just in case.  

Moose:  Finally, please be cautious looking for moose as you drive on every road in Alaska.  Scan the roadway ahead of you and the sides of the road looking for large brown / black features.  We want you to arrive safe and sound so you can enjoy your glacier adventure with us!

I look forward to seeing you on your tour!