Gallery: Glacier Views

Stunningly beautiful images of the Matanuska Glacier.


Englacial Features:  The term englacial designates the ice regime within the glacier. These are images of tunnels (often called caves) and crevasses exposed over recent years that we have explored on tours - often some of the most exciting parts of exploration.  These features are usually most accessible in winter seasons (after the glacier plumbing has frozen), but occasionally these features may become accessible during the summer.


 Explore this tunnel on today's tour!



Walk inside glacial crevasses
Terminus and Ice Fall Views:  These images show views of various regions of the terminus area of the glacier where we will explore on our tours.  Many different glaciological process are actively shaping the morphology of the ice.  Explore this stunning beauty while learning about these amazing processes.


 looking at the ice fall and seracs




 winter view of terminus


  summer view of terminus


Supraglacial Views. The term "supraglacial" refers to the regime on top of the glacier ice.  These images show examples of ice features created by the flow, deformation, and thrusting of the glacier, as well as other beautiful ice surface features formed by various ablation (melting, etc) processes on the glacier.  Come explore the ice with me and learn what these features tell us about glacier flow and ablation. 
Discover a large, 600 yr old glacier crystal!
 Cryoconite Holes
Ice Micro-Features:  These images show features observed inside the glacial ice.  Come explore these features with me and learn about how they are formed and what they tell us about glacial processes.  
Bubbles inside glacial ice
Stretched bubbles
Glacier ice crystals
Ask me about these very special features!
Learn About the Mysteries of Basal ice