Matanuska Glacier Tour

  Tour Location: 66500 South Glacier Park Rd, Sutton, AK 99674 USA



Call or Text:  970-281-5266


Contact Me to Request a Tour:  Contact me to discuss tour options by sending me an email or text with the details below.  Once we find a tour that works for you, I will then send you an electronic link to pay online to confirm your tour.

  • Desired date and time
  • Number of people
  • Ages of children
  • Mobility limitations of any members
  • Standard tour (or do you want a private tour)

    Price:  $125 per person (standard tours). The total amount of money owed for each person attending a standard glacier tour is $125, which includes $100 for the tour plus a $25 Glacier Park gate fee that is charged to my company for each person I bring on the property. Your price also includes use of equipment (microspikes, helmet, walking pole).  Private tours may cost addition fees depending on your needs.

    Duration:  Standard tours last 2-3 hours. 

    Open Year Round:  We offer tours every day of the week, each day of the year (including Fall and Winter!).  


    General Information For All Tours:

    No Experience Needed: No experience is needed to join us on a glacier tour.  You will not be accessing any technical areas that require specialized knowledge or gear (beyond the micro-spikes and helmets we provide you).  We provide all the equipment you need to walk on the ice.

    Come Prepared:  You must arrive dressed appropriately for your tour.  Read my web-page about "What You Should Bring" to make sure you arrived dressed correctly.  If you pose a safety risk to yourself by arriving with improper clothing, you will be denied access to the glacier without refund.

    Meeting Location:  Tours meet in the parking lot of the Matanuska Glacier, outside the gate.  GPS address is:  66500 South Glacier Park Rd, Sutton, AK 99674 USA.

    All Ages Welcome:  Our youngest guest was 6 months old and our oldest guest was 87 years old.  Everyone had a great time. If your group includes small children who do not walk, please be sure to bring child carriers (back packs or front carriers) specifically designed for carrying children.  It is not safe to carry children in your arms on the glacier.  

    Children:  All children brought on tour must follow the instructions of the tour guide at all times. If the parents and tour guide are unable to set conditions for children to behave responsibly by following the guide’s instructions, the guide reserves the right to end the tour early without refund in order to ensure the safety of all members on the glacier.

    Liability Waiver:  Every person attending the tour must sign a liability waiver.  If a guest is under 18, the Parent or Legal Guardian must sign for the minor. 

    Planning Your Adventure:  Be sure to read our "Planning Your Adventure" page which provides specific information useful to you about things to pack for the season of your tour, company policies, and other helpful material.