About Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah completed her PhD researching the Matanuska Glacier and offers 20+ years experience!  

My company offers glacier walking tours for people excited to explore Alaska with a scientist.  I have been working in Alaska since 1995 studying Alaska's stunning glaciers, powerful rivers, snow capped mountains, and amazing geology.  

I first came to Alaska to work as a teenager in 1995 on an internship program to support scientists studying Alaska's cryosphere (glaciers, snow, permafrost etc).  As a child raised in rural northern New England, I always felt happiest outside in the mountains, and most of all - I loved the cold snowy winter seasons.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the stunning grandeur of Alaska!  Each day I was more amazed by the beauty and scale of Alaska's raw mountain landscapes with vast expansive ice fields and powerful rivers. During my first week I was determined to make Alaska my home.  

After completing my academic degrees researching glaciers, snow, permafrost, and satellite remote sensing, I spent the next 20 years working in Alaska and numerous other countries researching the cold regions processes that shape this great landscape resulting in 59 scientific publications. 

Recently I started sharing my love for exploring the wonders of this land by taking people on tours to discover this great state with me. Come join me on a tour!

Other miscellaneous background details:


Published research discovers the story of the last 20,000+ years of glacial history of the Matanuska Glacier!

QSR paper

Published research uses satellites to help predict subglacial flooding at the Matanuska Glacier!