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Matanuska Glacier Tour

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"This was an absolutely amazing tour! Our group loved Sarah. She was so informative, and really patient with us. We could not have imagined a better experience."

Tennessee Professor with College Students

"If you’re ever in Alaska and looking for a 'bucket list' adventure, Dr Sarah is truly a local expert.  We take our family every summer and can’t wait to visit again soon for another glacier adventure!"

K.W. and Family

"Thank you for all the guidance, support, and valuable information you shared with us."

NBC (Climate Change Film Documentary)

This was the greatest tour I have ever been on. Your knowledge of glaciers was magnificent. You treated us wonderfully and especially helped me with my physical limitation attentively and with great ease.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my experience great. 


This was much more than a glacier hike - it was a glaciology adventure!


Summer Glacier Tour Features

Summer tours walk on top of the glacier (the supraglacial regime) where lakes, crevasses, moulins, and other supraglacial environments can be explored.  Walking inside tunnels and crevasses is usually limited to winter when conditions are more broadly frozen, but occasionally crevasses or tunnels become accessible in the summer.  The features on the glacier change every few weeks so there are always new things to discover.  

"Glacier Crystal" photo below courtesy of Jordan Campbell (thus far the largest glacier crystal from Matanuska this summer!)  Join us for a tour and try to find larger crystals.

Winter Glacier Tour Features

The glacier feels like a different environment in the winter than in the summer.  Winter tours walk through the proglacial area (in front of the glacier) to access the ice face and walk inside frozen crevasses and tunnels.  Come explore the ice during all seasons.  We are open every day of the year!

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